8 Tips To Raise Your Vibration During Corona Lockdowns & Social Distancing.

Here are eight ways you can raise your vibration during the corona pandemic. It's difficult. It's stressful. And the lockdowns seem to just keep coming.

We need to get through this without going crazy.

1. Plan For Your Future.

Know what you'd like to be doing once it's over. Places you'd like to travel - restaurants you'd like to visit. Fun family outings like trips to the beach, picnics, camping etc. Many outings are still available, and you can always pack healthy food, grab a drive-thru coffee or tea, and go for a scenic drive even. Many cities are still allowing walks. Get out there so you don't get cabin fever.

You can look for videos of virtual tours of beautiful foreign places and tourist attractions. It's not the same as being there, but it is more interesting than the four walls.

Make a list of all the friends and family members you want to hug. Who will you visit first? Get excited and hopeful for these future get-togethers, we will all be together again soon.

2. Move your focus to helping others, and away from yourself, and what you may be feeling. Call and video chat with your friends and family as often as you can. Check in on elderly neighbours and see if they need shopping or errands run.

We are all being called to be a higher version of ourselves, so this is probably not the time to fistfight for toilet paper.

Share positivity on social media. I was called to start my podcast. You may be called to show off your gardening skills. Or to take cute pics of your pets and share them on FaceBook or Instagram.

Helping others and sharing positive vibes will always help you raise your vibration.

3. Keep visualizing and praying for world healing. This will help raise the vibration of the entire planet. And it's free!

4. Try a new hobby. Turn off the news.

Activities that light you up are always going to raise your vibration. This is a great time to get active doing things you've always wanted to try.

Learning a new language or how to play an instrument will be pleasant and raise your vibe.

Sitting around watching depressing news will lower it.

5. Pick up the phone and call a friend or an elderly relative. Do a drive by visit. I'm also seeing a number of people in my own neighbourhood doing front lawn social distancing visits.

Set up a video chat with Zoom and have tea, coffee, or wine with your besties. This is the next best thing to being there.

6. Laugh out loud whenever you can.

Promise yourself that for every minute of watching the stupid news you'll spend ten minutes watching comedy. Funny movies, stand-up specials, laughter inducing YouTube shorts - whatever it takes to make yourself laugh and lighten the mood.

7. Go for a drive to the country. If it's still legal where you live, pack yourself and your family a car picnic and hit the road. See some trees. Open the windows and breathe in some good-ass fresh air prana.

Visit a farmers market and buy some organic produce, or fresh meats from animals raised in the open air. It is so important to try to support our local growers right now.

8. Be kind to yourself.

Get outside when you can. Take your shoes off and do some grounding. Say your affirmations. Set new goals and read them out loud every day.

Take a nap. Drink water. Go for a walk in nature. Relax in a bath tub. Do things that make you feel pampered.

Talk to yourself kindly. If you've put weight on during the ordeal, relax. You can lose those extra pounds. Next time you food shop you can make healthier choices. Don't waste time beating yourself up over past choices - you'll choose better next time.

Just be the highest and best version of yourself that you can right now.

Love and Light.

Terri Renaud

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