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Five Ways You Can Easily Add Law Of Attraction To Your Weight Loss Journey

Way back when I first set a goal to lose weight it was natural for me to use law of attraction. While other people are just counting calories and running for miles, I prefer to reach for the most valuable tools in my arsenal for success. My subconscious mind and my faith in reaching any goal I commit to.

Here are my five top ways to add law of attraction to your weight loss journey.

1. Know exactly what you want and how it looks.

2. Act as if you have already achieved your goal.

3. Eat and drink high vibration foods and beverages.

4. Know why you want to commit to this.

5. The law of attraction includes the law of action.

Know What You Want AND How That Looks

The best way to use visualization to achieve any outcome is to know exactly how that looks.

What dress size will you be? What level of energy will you have as you face each new day?

How will your life be different when you reach this goal? Would your activities be different? Will you be traveling to exciting and interesting locales?

Think of all the ways your new habits will affect your life. This will help you get a clear mental picture of where you are heading. When you have that clear mental image, you can get excited about it. Attaching positive feelings to your outcome will help you to attract it much more quickly.

Mentally place yourself on the day after you have achieved your goal. Create the visualization using all of your senses. Smell, touch, taste, sight, hearing: include them all.

For example: A perfect day at the beach with friends or family or that special someone.

You are smelling the salt air, you feel the sand squishing between your toes as you walk along the beach, taking swigs of lemon water. The people you see are smiling and telling you how great you look. Now you add how you feel on this day. Proud. Accomplished. Incredibly happy.

You can create any scenario for your mental movie. Try it now.

Act As If You Have Already Achieved Your Goal

This is clutch to achieving your desired outcome. When you start asking yourself how would I be acting if I was health conscious. If your goal is wellness, releasing weight, and adding active years to your life - how will you interact with your outside world?

What food choices would you be making? How will you start your day? If you are already that healthy, high energy person, then what would you do differently in this moment? Do you see yourself cutting up vegetables for a salad or hiding in a closet scarfing back a bag of cookies?

How would you be moving your body? Would you be adding daily walks, yoga, qi gong, or strength training? Or all of these activities?

If you were already there, who would you be hanging out with? Donut bingers or salad eaters? Daily walkers or couch potatoes?

What would your self-talk sound like? Are you encouraging yourself with your words and thoughts? What are you saying out loud now that you are the new healthy high energy you?

Your subconscious is listening - so no self-deprecating fat jokes please.

When we act as if we already are what we want to be, our results are attracted to us much more quickly because we are living our outcome in every moment. Being mindful of our thoughts, words, and actions is what will take us to our goal outcome.

High Vibration Eating And Drinking Habits

High vibration food is as close to how God made it as you can get. Organically grown non-gmo veggies and fruit would be the highest vibration and canned prepared food with chemicals would be the lowest.

Buy the best food you can afford. If organic is too spendy then try the farmers markets. There is a big name grocery store here in Canada that sells imperfect fruits and vegetables in a big bag. These are perfect for juicing and salads. Who cares if your apple is lop-sided before you juice it?

Read labels and start moving away from prepared foods filled with chemicals. When you make your own food you know what's in it. If you can’t cook then learn. There are thousands of cook books and millions of healthy, easy and fast recipes on YouTube for free.

Healthy food does not have to be boring. Even salads can be different and interesting every time. You don’t have to be Chef Ramsey to dice an apple or add pumpkin seeds or a boiled egg. These are little changes that anyone can do, and it keeps salad interesting. You can easily find recipes to quickly make your own healthy salad dressing. You won’t miss the chemicals that are in most bottled dressings.

Remember to eat for fuel. If you are working out to build muscle you will need protein and carbs before and after your workout. Intermittent fasters will have to schedule accordingly.

Be mindful of sugar foods and salty junk snacks. Keep cut up veggies handy for when you want to crunch on something now. Try dips like hummus or find your own homemade dips for a treat.

It’s totally okay to dip celery and carrots in natural peanut butter for some extra protein.

Move away from drinking hard liquor, sugary fruit juice, and soda pop (even if it's diet). Move towards filtered water, lemon water, and green tea.

A fabulous choice is fresh vegetable juice or a green smoothie. I often skip a meal and opt for one of these instead. Some green smoothie recipes call for as much as two complete heads of romaine lettuce. What a great way to get all of your daily required servings of vegetables in one drink.

Turn your nose up at the thought if you like, but know this: your tastes will change and you will crave this drink. Truth.

Water is great because you can take a few moments to set your intention in any type of water you drink. Place your hands around your glass or water bottle and imagine that this water heals every cell as it hydrates. Or perhaps it is super healing and fat melting water.

If you find water boring you can use a carbonating machine or infuse it with fresh herbs and a slice of fruit. Do whatever is necessary to hydrate. No excuses.

Know Why You Want To Commit To This Lifestyle Change

One of the first things is to know your why. If your reasons are not strong enough you won’t stick with it. Give yourself compelling reasons to stay on track and never quit.

What would you do with another five, ten, or even twenty years of life? What could you create with extra time, superior health, and kickass energy levels? If you felt great every day what could you contribute? What experiences would you have?

Would you take your grandchildren on adventures, or teach them your famous spare rib recipe?

What legacy of time and memorable visits could you create with optimal health and energy?

It is vital that you are clear on why you are trying to change lifelong habits. Your why will be what compels you to rise early and eat food that fuels you.

This brings to mind a woman I used to see almost daily while driving to work in the wee hours of the morning. Before the sun was up, or when it was just a sliver far off in the horizon she would be running along the sidewalk. She was there rain or shine, in her purple tracksuit, with matching purple free weights. I nicknamed her Madame Lavender and sent her light and love every time I saw her.

That is commitment. That gal knew her why.

When it’s raining, when you’re tired, when you have 1000 reasons why you need to skip your workout and eat cake - you need to know your why. What do you see when you look into the future? How will you stay on track and keep going when your lizard brain is saying it’s better to stay in bed?

Your why is your fuel for this journey. Know what it is and wear it. It is your shield and armor.

It is your light in the darkness.

The Law Of Attraction Includes The Law Of Action

Take imperfect action. Take inspired action. Just start.

Your first yoga class won’t look like your hundredth. Your first walk may only be from your home to the mailbox. Who cares. There are no awards for being the best at thinking about doing. Do the things that come easily to you. Pick the low hanging fruit first.

If swimming is fun to you, do that. If you love caesar salad, eat that. If you can only drink green tea when it’s cold and poured over ice with lemon wedges, do it that way.

Take all the simple and fun routes for you first. You will start seeing results much sooner than if you force yourself to do a bunch of health habits you hate.

Find the healthy foods that you enjoy eating. Try new foods and recipes regularly. Keep it interesting and fresh.

We all start at square one. We move off track and have an occasional piece of pie. Big deal.

Enjoy your pie with no regrets or recriminations, then have a green smoothie for dinner.

Love yourself every day, no matter what you weigh. Focus on your own fabulous journey. You are God’s highest form of creation. You can do this. Your body can repair itself. You can change your health paradigms and change eating habits you’ve had for decades.

Just start.

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